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When Your Clients Ask For a “Diamond Active Muscle Massage™ ” … Will YOU Be Ready?


Diamond Active Muscle Massage will soon be sweeping the country.

You can become an Active Muscle Massage therapist.

As more clients experience the fast-acting relief from muscle tightness, pain, and stress, they will NEVER want to go back to ‘regular’ massage again!


They want DEEP Tissue? You can do it!

(easily, with little strain on your body)

They want muscle aches relieved! You can do it!

(absolutely — and it will be fast)

They need a therapist who can really get in and get the knots out? You can do it!

(of course, & because AMM includes movement, their results will be long-lasting!)

Do you want a technique that is effective, gives clients the deep work they want, but doesn’t hurt your own body or wear you out? Diamond Active Muscle Massage is it!


If you want to be able to offer much more than a “Slide & Glide” massage, you MUST become an Active Muscle Massage therapist!

  • Relieve basic Sport’s Injuries such as shin splints, tennis elbow, and sore muscles
  • Reduce over-use strain and pain in arms, neck, shoulders and backs from too much desk work, yard work, or factory work.
  • Enhance physical ability and reduce recovery time
  • Take care of Work-Related pain
  • Improve Poor Posture
  • Eliminate Pregnancy discomfort

Up-Level YOUR massage practice!

Set yourself apart from the crowd, be unique! Charge what you are worth, and provide stellar results for your clients all without hurting your own body.

… and still have tons of energy at the end of a long day to play!


We invite you to become an Active Muscle Massage Therapist!

Learn Active Muscle Massage:


Attend a 2-day Diamond Active Muscle Massage Seminar.

The entire 2 day seminar is taught by the founder of AMM, Irene Diamond, RT

Become certified to offer AMM in your practice, spa, or clinic

Our 2-Day Active Muscle Massage 18 hour seminars are currently scheduled only one a year in San Francisco and can also be arranged privately for your health club, group, spa, or clinic. (Attend the full seminar and you will receive a certification of 18 Continuing education units. PLUS you can apply to become a Certified Active Muscle Massage Therapist!)

Will you be ready when your clients ask for Active Muscle Massage the next time they need & want deep muscle pain relief?

Active Muscle Massage™ utilizes an exclusive, unique combination of Massage, Myofascial Therapy, and Trigger Point along with the client’s participation to provide them with the deepest results faster than traditional massage and much easier on your body!

You Don’t Have To Struggle To Do Deep Tissue Anymore!

Active Muscle Massage is the #1 method of hands-on de-stressing, while getting rid of tension, tightness & knots when your clients want deep tissue! Active Muscle Massage originated from the corrective-based therapy technique called Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method™, created by rehabilitation therapist and exercise specialist, Irene Diamond, RT.

Clients are amazed at the fast results they get from an Active Muscle Massage.


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for the next AMM Seminar

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Early Registrants Receive 5 Fast-Action Special Bonuses (To The First 5 Therapists for each date only)

  1. BONUS #1: 30 Minute “Get Started Strategy Coaching Call” with Irene Diamond so you know how to implement AMM in to your practice Right Away! ($250 value)
  2. BONUS #2: Specially pre-written publicity Press Release that you can use to share your new certification with the media with no stress! All you do is fill in your name and other simple details so they can feature you in their publication or on the news! (Priceless!)
  3. BONUS #3: Results Guarantee Tool Kit Calculator: Use this tool kit so you can determine what the specific results are that you offer to your clients. This tool kit will help you with the exact words to use to help clients say YES to booking with you. ($97 value)
  4. BONUS 4: Registration & Annual Listing on this website as a Certified Active Muscle Massage Therapist so clients can find you in their city! ($100 value)
  5. BONUS #5: Application and Enrollment as a ‘Client Provider’ for one year. Once you are enrolled, you will be allowed to instruct and certify your clients in the ‘Simple 7’ prior to their first session with you. Your name will also appear on each of your client’s membership cards as proof of their certification. ($250 value) This is an up-coming service and not available at this time)

    We’re here for you! Call today for answers questions, to schedule a 2 day seminar just for your group. (415) 921 -1290 (Pacific time, USA)