Posture Evaluation

Do you have chronic pain, have been told by everyone that
“You Have To Live With It”

Are you sick and tired of feeling this way?

In our experience MOST people’s pain is related to their Posture and to a combination of muscle imbalances throughout your body.

We can help you Fix that!

The first place we start to get rid of YOUR pain, is to determine WHY you have your pain.
Once you and your healthcare team have ruled out anything serious, we can look at the underlying causes that are related to your ‘soft tissue”.
Active Myofascial Therapy can help you if your pain is caused by problems in your soft-tissue.
Soft tissue is made up of 4 types of tissue:

  1. Connective tissue called fascia,
  2. Muscles,
  3. Ligaments,
  4. Tendons.Some of the many conditions that are ‘fixable’ through Active Myofascial Therapy are :
    Migraines, Headaches, Back aches, Neck pain, Knee Problems, Repetitive Stress Injuries, Post surgery stiffness and/or pain, and Fibromyalgia.You need to have your posture evaluated and determine if you have any areas of your body that are imbalanced.Once we have figured out which areas are tight, and which areas are weak — we can guide you on the best course of action to help you regain your posture, strength, flexibility, and stability.

Request YOUR Postural Evaluation:

If you would like to have YOUR posture personally evaluated by the founder of Active Myofascial Therapy, Irene Diamond, we have a limited availability of scheduling only 3 evaluations each month over the internet.

Simply send an email to:
info @ TheDiamondMethod .com (or click here) to discuss and request your postural evaluation.

Let us know if you are interested in having your posture evaluated in person or over video or Skype and we will send you a simple questionnaire to complete so we can know what your pain condition is and a little about your background, other methods of treatment you’ve tried, and we will ask you a few life-style questions.
Once we have a clear picture of you and your pain, we will schedule your evaluation.

How Much Does it Cost?

Usually Irene Diamond’s rates for an in-office appointment for a complete evaluation is
$325 – $450, but because Irene knows this Postural Evaluation is the key to your pain relief — she wants to help as many people as she can and will discuss your needs and financial billing options.

Please give us a call at 415-921-1290 or send a request for a free, preliminary phone consultation to discuss your needs.

Your evaluation will be performed over Skype through your computer. If you don’t have Skype, we can also perform it through photographs, although Skype is preferred.
Once you have been given your evaluation results, if you choose to have Irene Diamond design your therapy plan, she can do that with you, or she can refer you to someone who has studied Active Myofascial Therapy if there is someone in your area.

We look forward to helping you get out of pain, once and for all!