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Dear Diamond Wellness Center,

I can’t thank you enough! I’m walking now and feel great!

I’ve been lucky all these years to have never had any problems with my back. Up until the one day when I was out in the garden, and all of a sudden felt my back go into spasm. I could barely move, and felt as though I had seriously injured a disc or something in my low back.

Two of my buddies who also have back pain suggested I see their chiropractor. But another friend of mine who has been going to you for years when ever he gets into “back trouble” told me to see you.

He was right! After only 5 sessions of the Active Myofascial Therapy with you and Mike, I felt (feel) 100% better. All my pain is gone, and as you suggested I am walking on a regular basis now and doing the series of therapeutic exercises you taught me, which really help.

Your work certainly beats getting cracked by a chiropractor, and the information on back care you gave me will help me for the life of my back!

I give you high kudos, and sing your praises to everyone I know who has back pain.

Hopefully, I will never see you again! (Professionally, that is!)

Marty Kornfeld, Ross, CA



To Whom It May Concern:

If you’re considering working with Irene Diamond in any of the fitness fields, I’d like to let you know you’ve just discovered a real gem (no pun intended!). I studied aerobics and other aspects of physical training with Irene for three years, and her expertise and congenial attitude guided me from my state of being purely sedentary to one of being committed to a regular routine of physical fitness. I’m proud to say that participating in some form of workout is now part of my daily regimen, and I owe it all to Irene.

What is particularly gratifying about having studied with Irene is that I know that the foundation of my training is grounded in proper technique, and an awareness of physiology, and muscular and skeletal movement. She’s taught me the proper mechanics to minimize injury and maximize physical benefits.

Beyond these important fundamental aspects, Irene is a pleasure to be with. Her positive attitude and ability to educate in a manner that’s easy to absorb and retain make her a superb teacher. She knows her subject thoroughly, and seems to have a real commitment to passing the joy of movement and fitness along to others.

It goes without saying that I recommend Irene very highly. My work with her helped me turn a corner in my life, and I know that you’d have to search long and hard to find another of her caliber.

Best Regards,

Sherill Rohde
Booking Administrator
Bill Graham Presents
San Francisco
About a year ago, I went for a serious stress-related issue and had amazing results. As background, I experienced post-traumatic stress after a friend died, and was having awful headaches due to clenching and grinding my teeth at night. My doctor and dentist both recommended I try massage therapy since the pain was unbearable. I called to explain the situation and talked to the owner, Irene Diamond. She recommended the myofascial therapy technique. I booked a series of 3 appointments with Sarah, who is Level 2 or 3 (higher level = more experienced). She focused on my head, jaw, and neck. After the first session, the tension was relieved. The second session, I could tell the headaches were better. The third, the pain was gone. Seriously, I know this may sound hokey, but to go from downing 20 Advil a day to having the pain just gone, it felt like a miracle.
Dani B.
Alameda, CA
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