Pain Relief Specialists!

Massage Therapists, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Personal Fitness Trainers & other Wellness Providers…


Finally, a manual & movement therapy method that:

  •  Provides Fast, Brilliant pain relief & rehabilitation to your patients and clients
  •  Is Easy on YOUR body to apply
  • Gets Terrific Clinical Results
  •  Builds Your Reputation with Referring Health Care Providers
  •  Helps YOU become the GO -TO rehab therapist in your town!

San Francisco Seminar 
​​Feb 23-25, 2018

(Limited to ONLY 6-8 Students Per Event)
Registration For This ​Training is by I​nterview Application Only

​​Imagine, if you could ​finally ​get rid of your client's soft-tissue pain, once and for all...

Watch Allison's short video testimonial where she shares how I was able to give her the relief she needed, and in only ONE WEEK! (You will be able to get these results for your clients and patients too!)

​What IF You C​ould Finally Get:

  • ​More Dream Referrals?
  • Happier Clients & Patients?
  • Better Clinical Results?
  • Higher Income?
  • More FUN?

​Apply for a personal interview to determine if registration for the Advanced Certification ​Training in Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method is right for you.

Quick view of Active Myofascial Therapy applied to Anterior Delt

Hear What These Therapists Have To Say About Active Myofascial Therapy…

"Pain Relief Specialist, Matthew Got Incredible Results in Just A Few Minutes"

If you've taken OTHER modality classes, seminars & workshops -- You'll see, Active Myofascial Therapy is DIFFERENT

You may feel you've been burned by paying to study another 'new' method, only to find out it is the same-old stuff, but with a new name. Or you might have attended a seminar or workshop where the methods are so complex and difficult to learn, you go home and just fall back into your 'old routine'. My AMT seminar is different because AMT IS different!

SELF-EFFICACY: In AMT, your clients are active participants before, during, and after the hands-on therapy. The therapy protocols are easy to remember, and even easier on your body to apply. (You don't have to be an expert in anatomy, although it is great if you are!) Unlike many other certification programs, once you have attained your AMT certification, you don't need to re-test every year or pay more money to maintain your certification. I want as many people as possible to receive Active Myofascial Therapy, so I made it as easy as possible for you to learn it and apply it!

You can become an Active Myofascial Therapist and experience a higher level of satisfaction & client results!

Hear What ​Clients Have To Say About
Active Myofascial Therapy...

Josh had chronic back pain…

Luis suffered from a pinched nerve for years…

Apply to attend this ​training so YOU can become one of our ELITE Certified Active Myofascial Therapist providers and get stellar results for patients too!

Your AMT Certification Course is a
complete Success System!

The Active Myofascial Therapy Training includes Methods and Principles, AMT Marketing and Practice Management Tools, AMT clinic-use Documents, PLUS so much More!

​Active Myofascial Therapy is 
EASY to LEARN, & EASY to APPLY in Clinic!

  • check
    • 7-Step Active Myofascial Therapy D.I.A.M.O.N.D. System to know exactly how to provide the therapy. PLUS, applying the 7-step completely sets yourself apart from other therapists.
  • check
    ​• AMT manual & movement-based techniques provide fast results to address your client's myofascial pain, injuries and dysfunctions, so you will be a Rock-star in their eyes.
  • check
    ​• AMT Marketing & Practice Management Methods so you know how to promote your new skills to your community. 

​4 Simple Steps to Become a Certified Active Myofascial Therapist

Step 1. Attend the full 40 hour seminar in 2 parts:

Seminar Part 1: Virtual, Pre-Seminar Learning

(13 "virtual" hours) The virtual portion of the course is taught through online education to get you familiar with the concepts and application. Therapists LOVE this part, because as soon as you register, you get instant access to this Pre-seminar content!</strong> (audio recordings, downloads and video)

Part 2: Live, 3-days

The live portion of the course will be in person to learn and practice the methods and techniques. The exact seminar location and schedule will be announced in the email you receive after you register.​

Step 2. Learn hands-on AMT methods and the top 22 most popular 'Actions'

(Theses 22 Actions are the therapeutic exercises applied in AMT)

  • Actions for Cervical Region (Neck)
  • Actions for Torso
  • Actions for Upper Extremities (arms)
  • ​Actions for Lower Extremities, Hips, (Legs and buttock)
  • Actions for Posture / Bio mechanics / Ergonomics

Step 3. Pass the Written Exam

It is a 40 question pass/fail written test and all the answers will be taught in the seminar.

Step 4. Submit at least 1 Clinical AMT Case Study

(Relax, we give you the instructions and an outline on how to do a case study - so don't stress!)

I will be behind YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Discover how you can help your clients get back to living a full life and YOU ha​​​​ving a successful clinical practice!


You might be wondering, "Is learning AMT Right For Me?"

Aside from the fact that I keep these professional trainings very intimate and personal in an "Apprenticeship model" where every student who attends will be hand-guided by me to reach your full potential. (No question will go un-answered with lots of hands-on time. My goal is for you leave the training feeling confident in being able to apply Active Myofascial Therapy effectively to get brilliant results right in your practice once you return home!)

Here Are My Answers ...

Decide if an AMT Certification is Right For You

Can I mix AMT into my existing Massage, PT or Chiropractic practice?
YES! It is easy because they complement each perfectly, hand-in-hand.

How fast can I see results with clients?
Sometimes within a few minutes of therapy! Depending on the condition of your client, most clients experience impressive results after just the 1st or 2nd session! We suggest that if your client does NOT feel any improvement after the second or third session, either your assessment of their condition is faulty or you are not applying the correct techniques. We are THAT confident your clients WILL SEE RESULTS! (NOTE: In 99.9% of the cases of soft-tissue dysfunctions, AMT WILL be an appropriate, responsible, effective therapy of choice!

How Much More Can I Charge For My AMT Session?
In a cash-based practice, it is generally accepted to charge a minimum of an additional $10- $100 for a 50-60 minute session, and $5- $50 more for a 10-30 minute session. You'll learn how to offer a program for between $500 - $1500 per client to get them EVEN BETTER CLINICAL RESULTS!

PLUS, I will teach you how to charge for a session, or a program, not for your time so you focus on results and get paid even more!

Can I bill Insurance for AMT?
Depending on your state & country rules, you may be able to bill for your services. You will need to know the billing codes (You will receive them at the  and it will depend on the type of insurance your patients have.

How long does an AMT therapy sessions last?
Range from 10 minutes to 55 minutes. We teach you how to schedule based on the services and results, rather than per hours of time. Most basic orthopedic, soft-tissue conditions only need 3-10 sessions of around 30-60 minutes to achieve brilliant results!

Do I need any special equipment to provide AMT services?
No, you just use a standard chair, and/or therapy table. Most of the time you don't even need lotion!

Critical Care Nurse, Pat, Appreciates The Effect of AMT & Will Use AMT in Her Clinical Practice

Here Is What you Get With Active myofascial Therapy

​7-Step System & Techniques​, ​​5 Extra practice-building marketing bonuses, PLUS EXTRA ​biz-building resources
 worth over $1​000 (included, FREE)​!

Action Image icon

Bonus # ​1

Complete Set of Initial "Actions"

You will receive a down-loadable copy of each of the 22 most popular Actions for each Area of the Body. Email to clients (or print them out) to teach to your clients and patients how to do at home, and for you to incorporate in the therapy session. (These docs images are for you to reproduce with your contact information to give to your clients) ($295 value)

AMT Exam image

Bonus # ​2

Printed AMT Exam

To Complete Your Certification Process ($75 value)​

How to image

Bonus # 3

Outline, simple instructions, and fill-in-the-blank forms to Document your Case Study For AMT Certification Process

eval docs

Bonus # ​4

List of CPT billing codes to use for billing insurance for AMT services if you choose to submit billing statements. ($200 value)

find a therapist image

Bonus # ​​5

A Listing of Your Name In Directory. A Listing of Your name and web site posted on web site as an AMT therapist. This posting will help clients and other health care providers find you when they need a referral in your city ($​200/ year value -- FREE for Seminar attendants whether you become certified or not)

Includes Extra Bonus: 2-piece Starter Marketing Package to boost your  AMT Practice-Success!

Irene realizes that providers need to know much more about the business side of things. Receive this FREE Starter Marketing package ($​500 value)  of these 2 promotional pieces:


eval docsExtra Bonus #1:

A Pre-written Press Release: Send to the media to announce your continuing education in Active Myofascial Therapy. This makes it easy for the media to feature you to your community. ($2​50 value)

WhyHurtPage.imageExtra Bonus #2:

A Pre-written "Why Do I Hurt" handout. This document is the perfect piece to give to clients, include in your new client package, or print on your website or brochures to help you promote your AMT Practice! When your next client wants to know 'what you do', you can hand them this! (So easy!) ($2​50 value)

So, Are You Ready To Go?

Registration is by Interview Application, ONLY.

Click Here to Request a personal interview Today 
This interview will help us both decide if Active Myofascial Therapy (AMT) is a good fit for you in your practice, and for you to join us in the training.

I ​trust you see the tremendous value you will be able to your practice!

Once you learn the entire AMT 7-Step clinical ​system, you will see (and agree) how the AMT system can help you in your practice, just as it has helped thousands of clients and patients already. ​Incorporating AMT into their practice, hundreds of healthcare providers have been propelled to a higher level of success, both clinically and financially!

Many therapists have said the AMT Practice-Success System  has monumentally changed their practice!


In fact, ​many other top-level education providers in our ​ are also now incorporating Active Myofascial Therapy into their own work and teaching it to their students because AMT is so fast, easy and effective!


Irene Diamond Pointing right High Res

​Yes, there are MANY trainings ​cost a lot ​less ... and ​you get a lot less!

Concerned About The Financial Investment?
Here is my Diamond "Financial Improvement" Tip:

After investing and learning The Diamond Method, most practitioners have easily been able to raise their rates AT LEAST $20- $40 more per AMT session, earning them on average an increase in income of $1000 -$​3000 each month. 

The pain relief and structural improvement results you will provide as an Active Myofascial Therapist will add so much additional value to your clients and patients over what you are providing them now. Your therapy today will continue to benefit them for the rest of their life due to the postural corrections and Actions you teach them.

Active Myofascial Therapy will:

  • speed client's recovery
  • decrease client's pain
  • improve client's posture
  • facilitate client's bio-mechanics

Because you will be providing a higher level of service to your clients, you can ethically charge a higher rate.

In fact, many practitioners begin to earn back their investment in this seminar as soon as they provide AMT on their very first client or patient!

Could You Use an Extra $100?
Could You Use an Extra $500 ​a Day or week?

Because, you will be taking time to study, learn and improve your clinical skills through this seminar, you will now be able to provide life-altering relief for your clients. YOU DESERVE TO INCREASE YOUR RATES.

Imagine: if you work with 5 clients a day, and you charge $20 more per session just from applying AMT into your sessions -- you earn an extra $100/ day in your pocket! AND... I will teach you how to design and offer your clients an Accelerated Pain Relief Program that will get them amazing results and earn you between $500-$1500 a ​client.

What would an extra $100-$500 a day do for you?

What is an extra $1000 a week worth to your family?

(Don't worry -- during the seminar, I'll explain how you can continue to have my full support even after you return home, as you bring AMT back in to your practice so you will know how to raise your rates and you can discover all the other systems and strategy that goes into running a successful practice.)


Receive the Entire AMT ​40 Hour Continuing Education, including all the downloads and the bonuses!

You Only Need about ​4-5 Clients to Cover This Education Investment, and I'll show you how!

Your Tuition Includes:

  • 13 hours virtual seminar/online access PLUS the 3 day (in person) seminar ​
  • Course material
  • Electronic versions of main documents and client handouts so you can access online for ever
  • Exact Client Documents to use in your practice
  • Testing and documentation Material
  • Application for Certification as an Active Myofascial Therapist plus Certification and recognition as a certified Active Myofascial Therapist (if earned)
  • 40 Continuing Education ​hours of completion (if earned) My courses are eligible for submission through most professional organizations for therapists, nurses, and massage industry. Please check with your certification board. I am NOT a NCTMB provider, but the CEs do apply for many organizations such as AMTA & ABMP requirements. For nurses, DCs, PTs, and other health care providers, please consult your own organization to verify CEU eligibility.
  • Business-growth bonuses mentioned above
  • 3 Healthy Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, and 1st Night's Dinner!

This entire seminar is taught by
World Massage Hall of Fame inductee,
Irene Diamond, RT, the founder and creator of
Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method.


Irene Diamond Image 2 HiResDear Therapist, Trainer, Coach, Practitioner, or Wellness provider,

My name is Irene Diamond, and I developed Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method to be a fast, effective, easy-on-your-body technique.
Are You Looking for a Method To Get Brilliant Clinical Results?
I invite you to study AMT with me so you too can experience the same level of satisfaction in your clinic as the other certified AMT therapists and I experience every day.

I Was Completely Paralyzed:
AMT™ was developed by me as a result of actually breaking my neck.

Yep – I was doing a form of gymnastics called Acro-sports when I was 15 years old, and I was standing on my partner’s shoulders and our timing was off. (To say the least!) I fell to the floor landing directly on my head. Luckily my partner was an anesthesiologist and immediately suspected I had suffered a spinal cord injury. He did “all the right things” to prevent my injury from getting worse. I was completely paralyzed initially, but luckily, after 2 months (flat on my back) in the hospital in a halo traction and then spinal surgery, I eventually went on to regain full movement.

I love being a pain relief therapist and also enjoy mentoring other therapists on running their clinical practice.

After earning my degree in Rehab, Recreation and Movement Therapy, I used myself and my clients as the first “guinea pigs” to learn the affects of applying AMT to other people for various musculo-skeletal conditions. Over the years, I fine-tuned the AMT work and now I am happy to provide Active Myofascial Therapy in my San Francisco Wellness Center as well as teach AMT workshops and seminars around the nation.

I got really fed up with seeing therapists
struggle in their practice.

Can You Relate?

I saw skilled practitioners not able to get enough clients and barely making enough money to survive. I saw practitioners who did have a full book of clients, end their long days with their bodies aching because they were actually hurting THEIR own bodies while trying to help their client’s bodies. Something is very wrong about the fact that we as care givers, are actually damaging ourselves!

Before I started applying AMT into my practice, I recognized that I used to be exhausted all the time, too ...

My story is a little different from most, because getting clients actually came really easy for me, but because I had a jam-packed schedule of 6-8 deep-tissue / sports massage clients a day, I would be totally exhausted and physically spent at the end of my day. Every night I came home so pooped I would literally stand at the bottom and look up the 3 flights of stairs to my San Francisco walk-up apartment and wonder how in the world I was going to get to the top to get home! (no elevator)

My physical exhaustion lasted a few years until I started to work smarter.

As I incorporated AMT into my practice I began to not only get better, faster, long-lasting results with my clients, but I also was thrilled to find I still had energy at the end of the day. I was able to start going out after seeing my clients in my office, and dancing and having fun, instead of just wanting to drop into bed!
( I was not married at the time and since I was single back then, I still wanted a social-life outside of work!)

When I realized I had created a therapy system that other practitioners could easily learn, it was exciting to know I could share the success.

I am now teaching AMT (and business-growth seminars) around the country on national stages, and locally.

My “sweet spot” is knowing how to make it Super-Easy for you to learn the unique AMT modality to get your clients & patients
superior, fast clinical results!

You will finish your work day feeling really satisfied about the stellar results you are able to get for your clients, (helping them get out of pain, regain their ability to do the physical things they want to do) PLUS you won’t be burnt out from the physical stress on your body like traditional hands-on therapy does) of seeing a bunch of clients in a single day.

Watch below as busy Event Planner, Constance, explains her relief from thinking she was going to have to schedule a Total Hip Replacement to now being 99% pain free after just a handful of AMT sessions.

Finally, you CAN EARN what you deserve and achieve the clinical results you ​seek with your clients and patients.

When you register to attend the 40 Hour Certification Seminar, you'​ll receive INSTANT on-line access to Pre-Learning course material.

I am so confident you will be thrilled, I guarantee your investment and know you will start to see how valuable AMT will be in your practice. If you are not satisfied with the level of attention and quality of education you receive from me, I will continue to coach you until you generate back your tuition investment.

 (Most practitioners generate their tuition within 30-60 days with only 4 or 5 clients)

To back that up, your instant access to the virtual material gives you a chance to experience my teaching style and begin to learn the Diamond Method as soon as you enroll. ​
(​Tuition is non refundable.)

"I look forward to helping you be the MOST successful,
clinical Pain Relief Therapist in your city!"


Therapists LOVE this part! As soon as you register, you get instant access to this Pre-Seminar education to get started right away. Videos, downloads, and recordings will help you jump start your education right away! (Because of my desire to really give you my undivided attention to have you really get the AMT techniques, principles and methods, we will be limiting the number of participants who can participate in my Apprenticeship training. This is to be sure you have my utmost attention and support throughout the training!)

San Francisco Seminar
​Feb 23-25, 2018

No More Than 6-8 Participants Per Training
(3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches & 1st Night dinner included) 

 ​ Space in the training is exclusively reserved. 
Request your 
personal interview to join the next training.
(Tuition will be discussed once we approve your participation)


​Request an Interview & see if you qualify ​to attend​

Training  Held in San Francisco 

​​Seminar location is 1841 Lombard St. at Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center

(We can help you with hotel, AirBnB and even a $40/night Hostel arrangements once you're accepted into the training.)

Fly Into SFO or OAK airports (both airports are about 30-60 minutes​ away (due to traffic) from San Francisco, and access is via public transit BART, private shuttle van service, Uber or Lyft)

Contact us to schedule a personal interview to apply to join the training: 415-921-1290

U.S.A. Pacific Time Zone​


NOTE: The training begins virtually in advance of the live portion, as soon as you register!
Therefore, Seminar Tuition is non-refundable.