Irene Diamond

Irene Diamond, RT, ​founder and creator of
The Diamond Method

Irene Diamond -The Diamond Method- Active Myofascial Therapy

Dear Patient, Therapist & Wellness provider,

My name is Irene Diamond, and I developed Active Myofascial Therapy & Active Muscle Massage ~ The Diamond Method​.

AMT™ ​originated as a result of me actually breaking my neck and needing to find relief from chronic neck pain, migraines, and restricted, tight muscles.

​I fractured my cervical spine (C-6/7) when I was doing a form of gymnastics called Acro-sports. ​I was 15 years old, and standing on the shoulders of my partner about to perform a somersault into a 'fish' position in his arms. Instead, I fell to the floor ​and basically did a head-dive straight onto my head. Luckily ​my partner was a medical doctor (anesthesiologist) and immediately suspected I had suffered a spinal cord injury. He did “all the right things” to prevent my injury from getting worse. I was completely paralyzed initially, but luckily, after 2 months in the hospital flat on my back, in a halo traction and then spinal surgery, I eventually went on to regain full movement, although in chronic pain...​

I went on to finish my high school education and then earn​ed my degree in Rehabilitative Recreation and Movement Therapy, I used myself and my clients as the first “guinea pigs” to learn the affects of applying AMT to ​various musculo-skeletal conditions.

Over the years, I have now fine-tuned the Active Myofascial Therapy into a recognized 7-step rehabilitation and pain relief method that I teach to therapists from across th​is country and others. ​I'm honored therapist in many cities now provide ​patients ​with long-lasting, powerful results and benefits.

I am ​grateful to be recognized as an industry leader for my work, and w​as inducted into the Massage World Hall of Fame in August 2013, aboard the Queen Mary, in Long Beach California.

​It thrills me to continue to provide Active Myofascial Therapy in my San Francisco Wellness Center ​to a select few patients a few days a week and help therapists grow the practice of their dreams through mentor​ship in ​running their clinical practice.

I look forward to continuing help patients and therapists build better lives!