Rates for Active Myofascial Therapy
& Active Muscle Massage~The Diamond Method

We will be honest with you right off ~ Active Myofascial Therapy & Active Muscle Massage rates are not inexpensive.

But, AMT & AMM will actually SAVE you money in the long run, because Active Myofascial Therapy and Active Muscle Massage is very effective, and will finally give you the relief and the results you are seeking.

How much money have you already spent? You can absolutely find “cheaper” therapists out there.

BUT- you know even if it costs less, you may be wasting your money if it doesn’t give you the results you are seeking!

We have worked with many, many people over the years who have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars (out of their own pocket) on a variety of therapies, pills, pillows, magnets, lotions and potions which haven’t worked!

Are You Finally Ready To Get Better? If you are finally ready to get better, don’t waste any more money (or time) on other ‘cheaper’, less effective options… you may end up spending more in the long run.

Also, if your condition is not taken care of soon, it may continue to get worse. If this happens, it only makes it harder to correct your problem once you finally do begin therapy with us.

Your Active Myofascial Therapist’s goal is 3-Fold:

1. Figure out your problem.

2. Get you out of pain and improve your mobility.

3. Teach you self-care “Homework” so you know what to do when you’re not with your therapist

Your therapist will work with you to maintain your improved condition, through additional sessions or homework.

When You Finally Try AMT & AMM,
You Will Wonder Why You didn’t Do It Sooner!
Be sure to ask about the 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Your therapist wants you to feel you are absolutely getting your money’s worth! If you aren’t happy, your therapist isn’t happy!

Depending on your situation, you may need the full Accelerated Package or individual sessions.
(Please see scheduling for more details)

Most AMT & AMM therapists even have a ‘try-before-you-buy’ so you can see if AMT will work for you before committing to the Accelerated Program.

If you were injured on the job and have a Workers’ Compensation claim filed, or if you were injured in a Car Accident some therapists can bill your insurance for your therapy.

Most Flexible Medical Spending Plans from your employer should reimburse you for AMT services. (Check with your human resource department)

Please check with your insurance first to determine if you need a prescription from your doctor. If you do, the prescription or referral should be for the modalities of Myofascial Therapy, Neuromuscular Reeducation and Therapeutic Exercise.

Please Note: Every Active Myofascial Therapy & Active Muscle Massage provider determines their own rates, so please call individual practitioner for a quote.

As part of your therapy program, once you begin the therapy process, you will learn “Actions” and specific bio mechanics so you will know how you can help yourself stay pain-free for the rest of your life!

We have a directory of therapists who have studied AMT so you can find one in your city.
Click here to find a therapist

Please contact the Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center to work directly with Irene Diamond, the founder of Active Myofascial Therapy & Active Muscle Massage -The Diamond Method.